We take great pride in providing sessions that are Selby Poolsuitable for all levels of triathlete, from novices to age-groupers, and include both seniors and juniors in our sessions. They are also an excellent way of meeting your fellow club members, as well as enhancing your own training.

Barlby PoolOur pool sessions are held at Barlby School, Selby Leisure Centre, and The Mount School in York. During the summer months we also host sessions in open water swimming, held at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park.

We would love to see you down at one of our sessions.  For more information on how and when to attend, please contact us!

Day Training Event Time  Location Availability
Tuesday Swimming 1930-2000 Barlby School Seniors, Youth, Juniors
Tuesday (Every Other) Strength and Conditioning 1930-2030 Lion Fitness Seniors, Youth
Thursday (May-October) Open Water Swimming 1900-2000 Allerthorpe Lakeland Park Members Only
Friday Swimming 0630-0730 Selby Leisure Centre Seniors
Friday Swimming 2000-2100 Selby Leisure Centre Seniors, Youth, Juniors
Saturday Swimming 0730-0830 The Mount School, York Seniors, Youth, Juniors
Saturday Running 0900-1000 Selby Parkrun Seniors, Youth, Juniors

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