Weekend Summary 19th/20th May

Another busy weekend for all Vikings to report on this week, and in addition to that, a nice weekend away for a number of the team!

The competitions at the club have really started to get going, with a number of changes to report on this week at the top of our leaderboards, following a number of impressive results.

Starting with the runners, on Saturday we had a number of people out taking part in their Saturday Parkrun events.   Claire Dunham raced at Goole, and Shelley Jamison, Lucy Jamison and Stacey Calvert all raced at Selby.  Some great runs from everyone, with their times as follows:

  • Claire Dunham – 00:32:46
  • Shelley Jamison – 00:22:59
  • Lucy Jamison – 00:26:18
  • Stacey Calvert – 00:24:10

Great running everyone!

On Sunday, we had our first participant in the Junior Boys Run Championship, with Finn Greenhouse taking part in the York Junior Parkrun.  Finn not only finished in a very impressive time of 00:08:20 in 3rd place, but then went back from the finish line to run with his brother to the end of the race.  What with Lucy Jamison putting in a brilliant time at York Parkrun, and Finn running the Junior Parkrun twice, it’s safe to say these juniors have far too much energy!!  Well done Finn and Lucy.

Into our first triathlon action of the weekend, and Anne Lewis and Beth Grogan were both racing at Nottingham Sprint Triathlon on Saturday.  In an incredibly competitive race of 737 people, both Anne and Beth put in a couple of great races, finishing in 01:42:29 and 01:19:26 respectively.  Well done both!

Also racing over the weekend was Alana Reveley, taking part in the LBT Junior Aquathlon.  Alana was racing in her 4th Club Championship qualifying race of the season, so was looking to improve on one of her other 3 scores.  Alana finished her race in 00:09:50, and took up 1st place in the Junior Girls Club Championship standings.  Well done Alana!

For the main event of the weekend, a number of Vikings had a great weekend away in a sunny Southport, racing in both Sprint and Standard distances on the Sunday, in a race qualifying for Great Britain Age Group teams for 2019.  The weekend was a huge success all round, and great fun in the process.

In the Sprint distance race, Rob Jamison, Dave Burrows, Sarah Weston, Paul May, Kenton Robbins, Susie Foster, and Kath Cooke all took part.  Their results were as follows:

  • Rob Jamison – 01:09:06
  • Dave Burrows – 01:15:47
  • Sarah Weston – 01:17:50
  • Paul May – 01:19:20
  • Kenton Robbins – 01:40:43
  • Susie Foster – 01:43:47
  • Kath Cooke – 01:43:49

In the Standard distance race, Steven Dews, Shaun Sumner, Mark Wilson, Charlotte Moore, Heather Blakey, Lorna Watson and Helen Dews all took part.  Their results were as follows:

  • Steven Dews – 02:12:33
  • Shaun Sumner – 02:34:22
  • Mark Wilson – 02:35:37
  • Charlotte Moore – 03:07:05
  • Heather Blakey – 03:12:24
  • Lorna Watson – 03:28:05
  • Helen Dews – 03:33:41

Some great racing from everyone once again, well done all!  Here’s to the next Vikings weekend away!

Special mentions to Rob Jamison and Sarah Weston, who were both looking to qualify for the Great Britain Age Group teams at this event.  Both finished within their required standard, and Rob finished in the top 4 in his Age Group.  Well done Rob for qualifying, and fingers crossed Sarah!

In the Club Championships, Southport and Nottingham saw a huge shift around in standings after the event.  Beth Grogan took up the lead in the Women’s Club Championship, following her great result at Nottingham.  Heather Blakey’s standard distance result gave enough points to take up the lead in the V40 Age Group category, but Charlotte Moore, Susie Foster, Lorna Watson and Helen Dews all having good races too, they are not too far behind.  That is sure to be a very competitive category this season.

In the Men’s competitions, Steven Dews took the lead in the Men’s Championship, with Shaun Sumner now taking up a commanding lead in the V30 Age Group category.  Rob Jamison isn’t too far behind in the overall standings, but now has a big lead in the V40 Age Group category.

Swim, Bike, Run and Club Championship standings have all been updated on our website’s results section, which can be found at:

Championship Standings