Easter Weekend Summary 30th March – 1st April

What a busy Easter weekend it was for the Vikings group.  Lots of results to report on this week, with not many of the team put off by the terrible easter weather.

Before Easter weekend even got going,  a number of Vikings were out mid week adding the first points to our 2018 Bike Championship standings.  Sarah Weston, Lorna Watson, Heather Blakey, Claire Dunham, Steven Dews and Shaun Sumner all took part in the first Selby CC TT event, over a 4 mile course.  Some great results over the evening, as follows:

  • Steven Dews – 00:10:01
  • Shaun Sumner – 00:10:26
  • Sarah Weston – 00:12:09
  • Lorna Watson – 00:12:17
  • Heather Blakey – 00:12:30
  • Claire Dunham – 00:13:08

On Good Friday, the Weston family and Peter Foster travelled to take part in the Bridlington Easter Dash.  It ended with great results for all of the junior group, Joshua, Dominic, Rebecca and Peter, who all took part in the 1.5 mile run.  Unfortunately, for reasons we haven’t yet discovered, the results for this race were not posted online by the race organisers, so I was unable to add points into the Run Championship standings.  Obviously if they surface somewhere, we will get them added in, but all the juniors should take heart in the fact that since our Run Championship points now give higher points for longer races, they will most definitely improve on this result as the year goes on!  All that said, well done team, great running from you all!

The Bridlington Easter Dash did, however, publish the adults results.  Sarah Weston took part in the 5 mile race, maintaining some great running from her winter half marathon, finishing the race in 00:38:23.  Well done Sarah!

Also on Good Friday, Beth Grogan took part in the Brantingham 7 Mile race.  Beth put in another great run, finishing the race in 59th place in 01:10:37.  Another impressive run Beth, well done.

Anne Lewis had a busy weekend, not in any way put off by the terrible weather, racing on both Friday and Saturday.  On Friday, Anne took part in the Epworth 10k Easter Trail Run, finishing in a very solid 01:10:08.  Not stopping there, Anne also took part in Selby Parkrun on Saturday, finishing that race in 00:34:03.  Only in April, Anne has now added 4 race results to the Run Championship standings.  Anne, you’re a running machine, well done!

Into Saturday, and there were more parkruns taking place.  Shaun Sumner raced at Goole, finishing his race in 00:32:04, and Sarah Jones raced at Humber Bridge parkrun, finishing her race in 00:28:02, both adding their first points to the Run Championship standings for the season.  Well done both, great parkrun results!

On Easter Sunday, a familiar name on the Junior Run Championship standings was not to miss out on the Easter activities!  Alana Reveley took part in Nostell Junior Parkrun, notching up her 3rd logged run of the season, finishing the race in 00:10:24.  Another good run Alana well done!

Charlotte Moore also ran on Sunday, taking part in the Elvington Flyer 10 Mile race.  Now the points system has changed for the Run Championship, these longer races score more points, so there were big points up for grabs.  Charlotte took the opportunity, scoring a huge 82.47 points on her first Run Championship result, finishing the race in 01:25:10.  Well done Charlotte!

Finally, on Easter Monday, Dave Burrows had “family commitments” (some would say wussed out…), and couldn’t take part in the Ackworth Half Marathon.  Steven Dews stepped up at short notice, and put in an extremely impressive run in such terrible conditions.  The race was a popular one, with 266 entrants, and Steven finished the race in 31st place in 01:29:35.  A great run Steve, well done!

Swim, Bike, Run and Club Championship standings following the weekend as follows:

Club Championship

Position Entrant Age Group Event Count Total Points
1 Shaun Sumner V30 1 79.86

Bike Championship

Position Entrant Age Group Event Count Total Points
1 Steven Dews Senior 1 72.91
2 Shaun Sumner Senior 1 70.00
3 Sarah Weston Senior 1 60.11
4 Lorna Watson Senior 1 59.46
5 Heather Blakey Senior 1 58.43
6 Claire Dunham Senior 1 55.61

Run Championship

Position Entrant Age Group Event Count Total Points
1 Beth Grogan Senior 3 235.55
2 Anne Lewis Senior 3 194.61
3 Steven Dews Senior 1 108.62
4 Rob Jamison Senior 1 84.42
5 Charlotte Moore Senior 1 82.47
6 Sarah Weston Senior 1 78.75
7 Shelley Jamison Senior 1 75.38
8 Sarah Jones Senior 1 66.38
9 Shaun Sumner Senior 1 59.85
10 Claire Dunham Senior 1 57.53

Junior Run Championship

Position Entrant Age Group Event Count Total Points
1 Alana Reveley Junior 3 202.11
2 Lucy Jamison Junior 1 70.31
3 Martha Moore Junior 1 55.27