Weekend Summary 3rd/4th March 2018

Welcome to our first results round up of the 2018 season!

Unfortunately, the snow and ice had an impact on Vikings getting out to race last weekend, so there was only one entrant logging points to get us started with our championship standings.

Huge kudos to Martha Moore, who was the only Viking to log points on the first weekend of the season, running the York Junior Parkrun on Sunday.

Martha braved the snow and the ice to put in a great run over the slippy 2.5km course, finishing in 18th place in a time of 00:12:41.  Great running Martha, and a good start to the year!

Swim, Bike, Run and Club Championship standings following the weekend as follows:

Junior Run Championship

Position Entrant Age Group Event Count Total Points
1 Martha Moore Junior 1 55.27