YVTT 2018 Season

As of tomorrow, 1st March 2018, we are off and running again in our Club Competitions!  The season runs from 1st March 2018 through to 31st October 2018, with a chance to compete in:

  • Club Championship (Including Youth, V30, V40, and V50+ Age Group Categories)
  • Junior Club Championship
  • Swim Championship
  • Junior Swim Championship
  • Bike Championship
  • Junior Bike Championship
  • Run Championship
  • Junior Run Championship

Please begin submitting entries via facebook, the club website, teamapp, or via mobile.  I will add a teamapp group with links to facebook and add my mobile number, if those methods are preferred.  For those not on TeamApp, tut tut :)…but please contact Naiomi for these details.

When submitting results, I need to know:

  • Your name 🙂
  • The name of the race
  • The date of the race
  • A link to the results online (if you have it)

Each week I add a write up of the results for the previous week, so if you have anything to add on the race, how you got on, any PB’s, any funny stories etc, please let me know and I can add these into the write ups!

For anyone wanting a quick reminder on the competitions on offer, please visit http://yorkshirevikings.org/?p=2009, which explains the upcoming season.

Good luck everyone!