Club Competitions 2017 – Quick Poll

Based on discussions at our recent Christmas Party, the feeling was that some of the competitions planned to be dropped after the 2016 season would be welcomed in 2017.  So, based on the feedback, I thought it might be useful to run a quick poll to gauge interest!  Please let me know which of the below competitions you’d like to be run on top of the Club Championship in 2017.  Voting is down at the bottom of this post.

Just a quick reminder on formats:

Swim Championship, Bike Championship and Run Championships

These are 3 separate championship competitions run for each of the individual disciplines.  So if you enter a swim event (e.g. Great North Swim), a bike event (e.g. any Sportive), or a run event (e.g. York 10k), your results will go towards that individual championship.  Points are scored in exactly the same way as the Club Championship.

The only suggested difference for this competition is that it will start earlier in the year to account for events pre-triathlon season.  So the proposal is that these competitions will run from 1st March 2017 to 31st October 2017, to include some of the early sportive and run events.

Summer Run Series

The Summer Run Series was started in 2016 as an event designed for everyone to compete in regardless of ability.  Each competitor submits their current 5km personal best time at the beginning of the season, and points are scored based on performance against that personal best.  You are therefore running against yourself.  Competitors can submit any 5km time (it doesn’t have to be in an event), and score points based on whether they got close to their PB, beat their PB, or smashed their PB.

Voting is open until the end of 24th December 2016.  Please vote using the form below:

For 2017, which of the below competitions would club members like to see run again?