Club Notice: Write Ups and Competition Standings

Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks!  Apologies, got a little behind on the write ups and club competition standings, but keep your eyes pealed later today, when everything will be updated!  Race write ups to come from Windermere Triathlon, and Ripon Triathlon, and early next week Goole Triathlon, following this weekend’s racing.  Good luck everyone!

I will also be updating the Club Championship standings with the Windermere and Ripon results, and have some new entrants to add into the Run Championship Standings with some Parkrun results from the past few weeks.

Remember, any swim, bike or run events away from triathlon count into the competition standings, so let me know if you’ve entered any and I’ll add them in!

Oh, and check your inboxes – an important email was sent out from the club earlier this week with some exciting news of our upcoming Go Tri events, and some feedback required on our future training schedules, among other items!