Results Update (and don’t forget our AGM on 16th August…)

Before we get into a catch up on missed results over the past few weeks, please don’t forget that our first AGM meeting is scheduled on Thursday 16th August.  Please see the post below for further information:

Yorkshire Vikings Notices

Onto our results catch up, and we have lots of results to catch up on.  After a slight delay in reports whilst we begin to discuss how we bring Yorkshire Vikings on to the next level, our results catch ups should now be back into it’s normal regular cadence.  Please continue to submit results as normal via the results submission form on the website.

Results from the past few weeks have been as follows.

Club Championship Qualifying Events

  • Martha Moore – LBT Junior Duathlon: 00:18:19
  • Alana Reveley – LBT Junior Duathlon: 00:19:11
  • Colin Brown – Falcon Middle Distance Triathlon: 05:37:24
  • Steven Dews – Dambuster Triathlon: 02:15:04
  • Beth Grogan – Hatfield Sprint Triathlon: 01:27:18
  • Shaun Sumner – Ironman Edinburgh 70.3: 06:23:14
  • Daniel Campbell – Ripon Junior Triathlon: 00:16:24
  • Colin Brown – Ripon Triathlon: 02:32:05
  • Pawel Celinski – Ripon Triathlon: 02:46:57
  • Daniel Campbell – Allerthorpe Aquathlon: 00:07:47
  • Martha Moore – Allerthorpe Aquathlon: 00:09:37
  • Finn Greenhouse – Allerthorpe Aquathlon: 00:12:57
  • Daniel Campbell – York Junior Triathlon: 00:19:04
  • Martha Moore – York Junior Triathlon: 00:19:41
  • Finn Greenhouse – York Junior Triathlon: 00:31:28
  • Beth Grogan – Goole Triathlon: 01:03:02
  • Rob Jamison – ITU Aquathlon World Championships: 00:36:59
  • Shelley Jamison – York Triathlon: 01:16:06
  • Dave Burrows – York Triathlon: 01:07:23
  • Charlotte Moore – Castle Howard Standard Triathlon: 03:30:52
  • Martha Moore – Castle Howard Junior Triathlon: 00:29:08

Run Championship Qualifying Events

  • Beth Grogan – Goole Riverbank Challenge: 01:11:23
  • Dave Burrows – Knavesmire 10k: 00:43:29
  • Alana Reveley – Pontefract Junior Parkrun: 00:09:27
  • Finn Greenhouse – York Junior Parkrun: 00:08:28
  • Mark Wilson – Hull Half Marathon: 01:38:54
  • Dave Burrows – Bishop Wilton 10k: 00:47:09
  • Martha Moore – York Junior Parkrun: 00:09:18
  • Beth Grogan – Owston Ferry 10k: 00:48:10
  • Beth Grogan – Winterton Show 10 Mile: 01:24:18
  • Shaun Sumner – Laxton 10k: 00:43:10
  • Shelley Jamison – High5k: 00:24:25
  • Dave Burrows – Bishopthorpe 10k: 00:44:14
  • Anne Lewis – Lakeland Trails 10k: 01:25:25

Bike Championship Qualifying Events

  • Shaun Sumner – Selby CC TT: 00:25:39
  • Beth Grogan – Selby CC TT: 00:30:26
  • Steven Dews – Selby CC TT: 00:23:37
  • Sarah Weston – Selby CC TT: 00:32:05
  • Heather Blakey – Selby CC TT: 00:31:56
  • Claire Dunham – Wales Velothon 2018: 06:53:37

Some great results from everyone over the past few weeks, well done!

All championship standings have now been updated, and can be found below:

Championship Standings

Yorkshire Vikings Notices

This afternoon an email was sent to the current members mailing list, to update on plans for an upcoming club meeting.  To ensure no members have been missed, please see the content of this email below.  If you feel you have been missed, please use the contact form on the club website to notify us, and we will ensure you are included in future communications.

You will all have noticed over past weeks that Club Competitions have also not been updated via the website as normal.  Please be assured that your submitted results have been captured, and an update and report is to be produced this week.  Following that update, Club Competitions and updates will continue to run as normal.  For anyone who has competed in races over the past few weeks but not submitted results, please submit them via the website as normal.  They will then be included in the next scheduled competitions update.

Notification email content as below:

“Subject:  Yorkshire Vikings Open AGM

Dear Vikings,

As valued members of YVTT we would very much like to invite you to the clubs first AGM meeting. This will be an opportunity for us to openly discuss amongst other items the clubs short and long term plans, structure, coaching and share with you our vision for the future of the Vikings.

We value your input, thoughts and suggestions on all of the above topics to ensure we build a balanced and transparent club that can thrive and grow inline with all our needs. If you are uncomfortable or unavailable to discuss your thoughts at the AGM, then can we please ask that you send over your comments or questions prior to the meeting either by email or by telephone.

We will also be joined at the AGM by Michelle Scott the Triathlon Engagement Manager from British Triathlon, she will be on hand to advise and answer any questions we may have.

We have identified various key roles that the club will need to support its structure alongside that of the coaching team. This will ensure that we don’t over burden any one person and we build a committee that has diversity and a breadth of experience that can truly support the club and its members. The interim committee members will provide an overview of the various roles and as a group we can then discuss how the committee members will be nominated.

We would also like to invite all members where possible to bring their partners. We recognise that the support network around members is often as important as the training its self. We are hoping that a wider sense of engagement will help us all foster a stronger community spirit.

The meeting will be held in Selby on the evening of 16th August 7:30pm at Lion Fitness Studio, Selby Business Park, Oakney Wood Road, Selby YO8 8LZ.

To give us an idea of numbers we would be grateful if you could confirm your attendance by replying to this email.

We look forward to seeing you on the 16th.

Warm Regards,

The Committee.”