YVTT 2018 Season

As of tomorrow, 1st March 2018, we are off and running again in our Club Competitions!  The season runs from 1st March 2018 through to 31st October 2018, with a chance to compete in:

  • Club Championship (Including Youth, V30, V40, and V50+ Age Group Categories)
  • Junior Club Championship
  • Swim Championship
  • Junior Swim Championship
  • Bike Championship
  • Junior Bike Championship
  • Run Championship
  • Junior Run Championship

Please begin submitting entries via facebook, the club website, teamapp, or via mobile.  I will add a teamapp group with links to facebook and add my mobile number, if those methods are preferred.  For those not on TeamApp, tut tut :)…but please contact Naiomi for these details.

When submitting results, I need to know:

  • Your name 🙂
  • The name of the race
  • The date of the race
  • A link to the results online (if you have it)

Each week I add a write up of the results for the previous week, so if you have anything to add on the race, how you got on, any PB’s, any funny stories etc, please let me know and I can add these into the write ups!

For anyone wanting a quick reminder on the competitions on offer, please visit http://yorkshirevikings.org/?p=2009, which explains the upcoming season.

Good luck everyone!

Welcome to Club Championships 2018

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of our 2017 Club Champions Steven Dews and Emma Forsyth?  Or maybe fancy competing with our 2017 Swim, Bike and Run Champions Heather Blakey, James Goodman, Shaun Sumner and Alana Reveley?  Of course you do!  Well, the 2018 season is nearly here!

Whilst it might seem only yesterday that we were celebrating the successes of the 2017 season, the beginning of the Club Championship 2018 is nearly upon us!  On 1st March 2018, everything kicks off again, and Vikings members can begin submitting their results to qualify for the individual competitions.

For any new members, or anyone unsure of what competitions are available, or how they work, here is a little reminder.  All members of YVTT can enter any of the competitions below, each having both a Senior, Youth, and Junior equivalent.

  • Club Championship – points scored in any multi-sport race (Aquathlon, Duathlon or Triathlon).
  • Swim Championship – points scored in any swim only race.
  • Bike Championship – points scored in any bike only race.
  • Run Championship – points scored in any run only race (this includes weekend Parkruns).

Between 1st March 2018 and 31st October 2018, members can enter any event, and score points based on their finishing position within the race.  These points are calculated relative to the size of the field racing, and to the distance of the race (i.e. you get more points if you finish high in a larger field size, or if you race over a longer distance).  For previous seasons, this only applied to Club Championship races.  However, for 2018, in Swim, Bike and Run Championships, members will now score higher in races over a longer distance, to match the scoring in the main Club Championship competition.

For every event each member enters, they will score points for that event.  All YVTT members can enter as many events as you like, but the overall score will be based on your best 3 scores attained over the course of the season.

Note:  If anyone would like to know the exact calculations to how points are calculated, let me know.  It’s quite geeky and boring, but I am happy to share!

As in 2017, there are bonus points available for allocated Club Events, British Championships, Triathlon England National Championships, Great Britain Age Group Qualifiers, or Great Britain Age Group races.  Details of the bonus points available are all listed below.

Yorkshire Vikings has expanded incredibly over the past couple of years, so 2018 really should be our most exciting year to date!  This does, however, make it that bit more challenging to keep up to date with everyone’s races.  So please let me know as soon as you’ve done a race, and you’d like to submit it to your results for scoring.  You can do this by contacting me via facebook, email, via the club website or via teamapp.  If it is easier, I’m also happy to share my mobile number to text in results.  Let me know if you’d like me to send this on, and I can do that separately.

So, there we are…good luck everyone!  I’m excited to start seeing some results come in the kick off the year!

Bonus Events 2018

Club Events – Score + 10%

Seniors – Driffield Triathlon (6th May), Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon (7th July), Castle Howard Triathlons – any distance (21st/22nd July), Allerthorpe Classic Triathlon (5th August), Goole Triathlon (7th October).

Juniors – Driffield Triathlon (6th May), Wakefield Triathlon (24th June), Ripon Triathlon (1st July), Allerthorpe Aquathlon (7th July), Castle Howard Triathlon (21st/22nd July).

British Championships – Score + 15%

Triathlon England National Championships – Score + 15%

Duathlon Age Group Qualifiers – Score + 15%

Triathlon Age Group Qualifiers – Score + 15%

Great Britain Age Group Event – Score + 20%

There are a number of European and World Championship Events running over the course of 2018.  Any YVTT member taking part in these events will receive the maximum bonus points on offer for that event.