2017 Season Starts 1st March!

You’ve trained hard all winter, and the new season is finally nearly here!  On 1st March 2017, you will be able to begin entering your results to count towards all of our club competitions.

All competitions run from 1st March 2017 to 31st October 2017, and there are no limitations on the events you are able to enter.  Everything is explained below, but we specifically score our points based on event type and distance to make sure you are not restricted on the events you enter, you are rewarded for the really challenging or prestigious events, and you are able to build your event calendar as you like!

From 1st March 2017, when you complete an event, send in the result to us via the details sent out recently on TeamApp.  If you need these submission details re-sending please let me know.

For our club race reports, these will also change a little this season.  Based on our ever expanding and competitive club, the ability to write reports for every event has become somewhat difficult to maintain!  So for this year, results summaries will be posted, unless the event is included within our main events listed as part of the club championship below.  Our main events will get full write ups as in 2016.

As a reminder, the competitions you can enter this year are as follows:

Club Championship

Follow in the footsteps of last year’s club champion Rob Jamison, and last year’s junior club champion Olivia Bulmer, and compete for our top awards at the club in 2017.  Enter any event you like, all you need to do is notify us whenever you have competed in a multi-sport event (aquathlon, duathlon or triathlon), and your result will count towards the championship.  Alongside the main winners, prizes are also available for age categories Tristar, V30, V40, and V50 as in 2016, with the addition of additional categories Youth and Junior (Ages 15-18), and Senior (Ages 19-29) in 2017.

New in 2017 is also the opportunity to score extra points in the more prestigious events, or in club chosen events.  The points increases available are at the events below:

Club Event:  Score + 10%

Club events for Seniors in 2017 are:

  • Driffield Triathlon (7th May 2017)
  • Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon (4th June 2017)
  • York Sprint Triathlon (2nd July 2017)
  • Allerthorpe Classic Triathlon (6th August 2017)
  • Drax Sprint Triathlon (1st October 2017)

Club events for Tristars and Youth in 2017 are:

  • Driffield Junior Triathlon (7th May 2017)
  • Wakefield Junior Triathlon (18th June 2017)
  • Ripon Junior Triathlon (2nd July 2017)
  • Holmfirth Junior Triathlon (16th July 2017)

National Championship or GB Qualifying Event:  Score + 15%

GB Event:  Score + 20%

Swim Championship

Score points exactly the same as the club championship (explained below), but based on events that are swim only (i.e. not multi-sport).  The swim championship is flat scoring across the board, with no extra scoring events as in the club championship.  Last year Barry Jones took the Swim Championship title.

Bike Championship

Score points exactly the same as the club championship (explained below), but based on events that are bike only (i.e. not multi-sport).  The bike championship is flat scoring across the board, with no extra scoring events as in the club championship.  Last year we had no entrants in the Bike Championship – can you be our first club winner?

Run Championship

Score points exactly the same as the club championship (explained below), but based on events that are run only (i.e. not multi-sport).  This includes Parkrun, so there are plenty of opportunities to rack up the run points over the course of the season!  The run championship is flat scoring across the board, with no extra scoring events as in the club championship.  Last year Felicity Caddick took the Run Championship title.

Summer Run Series

The club competition aimed at putting everyone on a level playing field, and essentially designed to show who has improved their run the most over the course of the season!  To enter this event, simply send me your current 5km run personal best time.  Following that, any time you go out and run 5km, send this in (with a link to the run online, or an image of your running watch summary) and we’ll compare it against your personal best.  You’ll score points based on whether you’re close to, matching, beating, or smashing your personal best time.  Last year Sarah Weston took the summer run series title with a number of personal bests, a massive improvement over the course of the year.

Competition Rules

So there you have it, lots to go at this year!  I’ll try to keep up to speed on the events everyone is entering as the season goes on, and will add in results whenever I know about them.  However, there is a lot to go at, a completely non-restricted calendar, and a lot of club members, so please remember to submit your results as quickly as you can via the details we’ve provided to make sure they’re included!

As a reminder, the club championship rules and scoring is as follows:

Points are scored as follows:

Points will be awarded for performance within an eligible event. Each eligible event has a tariff.  The tariff value is the number of points that would be earned by the “40th percentile” finisher, or “reference finisher”.  Your total score is then compared against the tariff to give your event score.

This is all very complicated, but it is done in this way to ensure points can be scored regardless of event field size, regardless of event distance, and is comparable to the other competitors in the field competing on the same day.

These tariffs are:

Single discipline events (run, swim or cycle) – 70 points

Sprint/Super Sprint Triathlon, Duathlon or Aquathlon – 80 points

Olympic or equivalent Triathlon – 90 points

Ironman70.3 or equivalent – 95 points

Ironman or equivalent – 100 points

The points earned by a member is calculated thus:

Points = (Reference finisher’s time / Member’s time) x Tariff

So a member finishing ahead of the reference finisher will score more points than the tariff, somebody finishing slower than the reference finisher will score fewer points.  If you got exactly the same time as the reference finisher you would score the tariff points listed above.  Clear as mud?!

For the summer run series, points are scored as follows:

Points are scored based on performance against each persons 5km personal best, which is submitted at the beginning of the season and kept up to date throughout the season.  So essentially each member is competing against themselves.  Points are scored as follows:

  • Run within 2 minutes of PB – 2 points
  • Run within 1 minute of PB – 4 points
  • Run within 30 seconds of PB – 6 points
  • Run within 10 seconds of PB – 8 points
  • Run equalled PB – 10 points
  • New PB – 12 points
  • Beaten PB by more than 30 seconds – 15 points
  • Beaten PB by more than 1 minute – 20 points