EVENT ANALYSIS: Driffield Triathlon

Purple Army reign in Driffield

2016-05-22 Driffield Tri 4







In what turned out to be something of a club championship, the Yorkshire Vikings took over the results board of Driffield Triathlon and also saw the competitive return of Head Coach Naiomi Saunders.

2016-05-22 Driffield TriA firm favourite on the triathlon circuit, the Driffield event is a good choice for newcomers or veterans. Located at Driffield Leisure Centre, the sprint event involves a 400m pool swim, out onto the 19km picturesque bike course over the wolds which takes athletes North out of the town and back in to the 5km run which loops through the streets of Driffield and around the leisure centre sports fields.

2016-05-22 Driffield Tri 2There were ten seniors from YVTT competing in total and it was a family affair for some as their children were competing afterwards in the junior competition.

Leading the board overall for Vikings was Steven Dews, with a 9th place finish and it was a memorable day for Coach Naiomi Saunders, finishing 135th in her first race in 15 years. The full senior’s results are as follows;

Pos Athlete Name Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Gun Time
9 STEVEN DEWS 00:06:30 00:01:47 00:29:37 00:00:54 00:20:42 00:59:30
46 Paul MAY 00:07:05 00:01:40 00:31:44 00:00:59 00:25:40 01:07:07
88 Andy Shrimpton 00:09:36 00:01:40 00:33:56 00:01:16 00:26:02 01:12:28
130 Sarah WESTON 00:07:52 00:02:22 00:40:45 00:00:52 00:26:13 01:18:03
135 Naiomi SAUNDERS 00:06:21 00:01:50 00:37:47 00:00:59 00:31:25 01:18:22
137 Tim WRIGHT 00:07:12 00:01:52 00:36:52 00:01:12 00:31:16 01:18:23
179 Heather BLAKEY 00:08:40 00:02:13 00:38:12 00:01:22 00:33:40 01:24:05
236 Susie Foster 00:09:17 00:02:18 00:48:39 00:00:54 00:33:36 01:34:43
249 Lorna WATSON 00:10:11 00:03:05 00:42:09 00:01:59 00:39:36 01:36:59
263 Helen DEWS 00:09:21 00:03:38 00:46:42 00:02:39 00:42:29 01:44:47

2016-05-22 Driffield Tri 3Not to be beaten by the seniors, the Tristars took over the results boards as well, with Ciara May finishing second in the Tristart category and Max Hargreaves finishing 4th overall in the Tristar 1 category. The full junior results are as follows;



Pos Athlete Name Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Gun Time
2 Ciara MAY 00:01:30 00:10:18 00:11:47

Tri-Start 1

Pos Athlete Name Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Gun Time
4 Max HARGREAVES 00:07:52 23:56:55 00:03:36 00:09:32 00:17:54
13 Olivia Bulmer 00:03:19 00:05:17 00:04:05 00:00:33 00:06:20 00:19:34
22 Dominic WESTON 00:06:12 00:01:24 00:09:10 23:55:48 00:09:03 00:21:37
26 Harry BLAKEY 00:04:37 00:01:04 00:09:20 23:55:34 00:12:22 00:22:56
28 Frances DIVER 00:05:01 00:05:29 00:04:40 00:00:39 00:07:10 00:23:00
31 Nyah MAY 00:03:55 00:06:53 00:05:06 00:00:49 00:07:26 00:24:08
36 Flynn GODDARD 00:10:52 23:54:26 00:06:08 00:13:57 00:25:23

Tri-Start 2

Pos Athlete Name Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Gun Time
14 Jackson GOODFELLOW 00:05:23 00:01:26 00:07:06 00:00:10 00:15:32 00:29:36
27 MIA HAENDLMAYER 00:04:01 00:01:28 00:04:11 00:00:11 00:26:00 00:35:51
31 Joshua WESTON 00:06:58 00:01:36 00:03:46 00:03:57 00:20:01 00:36:18
51 Gracie WRIGHT 00:04:01 00:01:21 00:04:36 00:17:12 00:26:01 00:53:12

Tri-Start 3

Pos Athlete Name Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Gun Time
12 Jody PYCROFT 00:05:47 00:00:56 00:03:25 00:00:15 00:32:57 00:43:20

Final Mention goes to the relay team of Natalie Saunders, Kirstine and John Gerhold, who came home in a fantastic time of:

Pos Athlete Name Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Gun Time
34 YVTT Relay 00:05:59 00:01:20 00:34:01 00:00:54 00:23:18 01:05:32

It was a busy Sunday for the Vikings, truly marching out as the Purple Army. And with a lot of competition and pressure on the day we can be proud of the results. It was also an emotional day for the seniors with children competing in the afternoon.

2016-05-22 Driffield Tri 5

EVENT ANALYSIS: Southport Triathlon

Merseyside Marvel

2016-05-22 Southport Tri RJ 4Viking and Team GB athlete Rob Jamison travelled to the North West to compete in the Southport Triathlon at the weekend, securing another fantastic result for his portfolio.

Covering over 50km in total, Rob competed in the Standard Distance event, incorporating a two lap, 2016-05-22 Southport Tri RJ 21500m swim in the bay around the island, a 40km bike ride adjacent to the beach and a 10km flat run route, largely around the Marine Lake.

As usual, Rob did the Vikings proud, bringing home a 66th place overall and 10th in his age category. With a total time of 02:20:22, Rob’s times broken down 2016-05-22 Southport Tri RJ 3were; swim- 00:21:22, bike- 01:12:10 and run- 00:42:03.

Next stop Leeds ITU competing alongside the world’s sporting elite!

Summer Run Series Update: 28/05/2016

Some big moves in the summer run series today, with Susie Foster taking a commanding lead in the standings.

Both Susie Foster and Sarah Weston had some huge PB’s today, beating their previous times by some distance.  Brilliant running ladies!!  Dave Burrows also got his first points on the board with a run that was getting close to his current PB time.

Plenty of time to get those runs posted, keep getting out there and putting the miles in!

EVENT ANALYSIS: North Lincoln Half Marathon

IMG_3749Now in its fifth year, the North Lincoln Half Marathon offers competitors the opportunity to run a fast and flat course in the rural areas around Scunthorpe, in the north of the county. The 13.1 miles finishes with a lap around the football stadium allowing supporting friends and family to really cheer the runners on.

The competition was Viking Heather Blakey’s debut event of the season and the second time she has run this particular race. Heather completed in 02:19:00 and is looking forward to building on that time again next year. 

EVENT ANALYSIS: LBT Junior Aquathlon

May sisters have a spring in their step

It was a beautiful spring day on Sunday when sisters and TriStars Ciara and Nyah May took part in the Leeds Bradford Triathlon Club’s Aquathlon at Leeds University.

IMG_3751The event consisted of a swim in the heated pool at The Edge and a road circuit round the campus. Ciara was in the Tri Start category and her distances were 50m swim plus 600m run and for Nyah, in the Tri Star 1 category it was a 150m swim and a 1200m run.

Ciara smashed her age group with a podium finish of third, completing the swim in 00:01:02 and the run in 00:04:05 giving her a total of 00:05:07. Nyah finished a solid 40th in a very large category with times of 00:03:27 and 00:07:48 giving a total of 00:11:15.

This weekend Ciara and Nyah will join many of their team mates, juniors and seniors, at Driffield Triathlon so expect some great results there.

And in a few years we can expect #maysisters to be trending on the triathlon circuit and social media!

Club Notice – Update – 23/05/2016

Quick update on the club championship and summer run series standings from yesterday.  Some of the Driffield Triathlon competitors were missed off, and have now been included.  You naughty folks not putting your club name on your triathlon entry – tut tut 🙂

Please also see our brand new Junior Club Championship standings!  What a great weekend’s racing and some fantastic results.  Well done everyone!

Full race reports to follow.

EVENT ANALYSIS: Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride

Caddick’s Climb

Born out of the success of 2014’s Le Grande Depart, which saw the iconic Tour de France begin their annual race on the city streets and country lanes of our County, Tour de Yorkshire offers the opportunity to watch the professionals once again race in our back gardens. In only its second year, it has already established itself as the second most popular bike race, behind the Tour of Britain, and Yorkshire is fast becoming ‘’the heartland of cycling’’.

2016-05-01 Tour de Yorkshire FCThe ride offers a dream opportunity for sportive riders to race on the same roads as the professionals, on the same day. 2016’s ride took place on stage 3, the final stage, of the tour and took the cyclists from Cleveland Way, Scarborough, through the beautiful local countryside and finished on the seafront back in the picturesque coastal town. There were three distance options, 40km, 85km and 119km.

Vikings Phil and Felicity Caddick decided to ditch their spectator shoes and throw on their helmets and join the hundreds of people taking part in the 85km distance, taking them from Scarborough to Thornton Dale, Snainton, East Ayton and back in. The husband and wife team completed their ride together, in 05:18:17.

All three of the ride options included the Cote de Harwood Dale climb, a tough 1.3km incline with an average gradient of 7.4% and a maximum gradient of 16%. All riders were timed and could compare their time to that of British ex- pro cyclist David Millar. Phil completed his climb in 11 minutes and Felicity smashed it in 8 minutes 32 seconds.

Felicity admitted that they hadn’t realised quite how hilly the ride was going to be but that it was a lot of fun. Entry is now open for 2017 Tour de Yorkshire sportive Vikings…

EVENT ANALYSIS: Pocklington Triathlon

A first trophy for Dave!

2016-05-01 DB Pock Tri 1The inaugural Pocklington Triathlon brought great results for one of the town’s sons when Viking Dave Burrows went back home and secured his first trophy, finishing 3rd in his age group.

Organised by and based at the historic Pocklington School, the sprint event comprised of a 400m pool swim, 23km bike course out of the market town, through local villages and back into campus before the 6.5km run took the athletes down a country lane and back across the finish line.

2016-05-01 DB Pock Tri 2Not showing any fatigue from York Triathlon the previous weekend, Dave finished a fantastic 11th place with a time of 01:22:19 overall and brought home the Vet 30 trophy for 3rd place. His individual discipline times were: swim-00:07:35, bike- 00:44:04 and run- 00:29:24.

2016-05-01 DB Pock Tri 3With flat, scenic routes, plenty of viewing opportunities for spectators and moreish, homemade cakes on sale, Pocklington Triathlon will continue to grow and YVTT can aim for more podium finishes.

EVENT ANALYSIS: York Triathlon

Vikings storm Jorvik

An incredibly cold and windy Spring Sunday greeted two Vikings on the first race day of the season for the team. In its third year, The City of York Triathlon is gaining in popularity and its easy to see why with modern and convenient facilities and the full race off road and ‘in- house.’

2016-04-24 DB York Tri New

Offering three distance options, plus a team relay option,Vikings Rob Jamison and Dave Burrows took part in the Sprint distance race combining 400m swim, 18km lakeside bike course and 5km run. Both the bike and run routes include several loops offering plenty of cheering and support opportunities for spectators.

2016-04-24 RJ York Tri

The inclement weather didn’t stop Rob and Dave achieving fantastic results for their first outing of the year. Newly qualified GB athlete Rob finished an impressive 10thoverall in the men’s race, and second in his age category. His overall time was 01:04:01, broken down to swim- 00:05:25, bike- 00:36:42 and run- 00:21:54. Dave finished 39th overall, 6th in his age group and with a finishing time of 01:10:13. His individual times were swim- 00:07:31, bike- 00:39:14 and run- 00:23:28.

With the first competition of the season done and some promising times clocked, Yorkshire Vikings can look forward to the next races in Pocklington and Tadcaster in the coming weeks.