You voted, we listened!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

After a popular pre-christmas vote on next year’s club competitions, it was very clear that there was a lot of interest in some of the competitions proposed to be dropped in 2017.  The “Club Championship Only Please” voting option returned a massive zero votes, so the decision to drop the other competitions in 2017 wasn’t the correct one.  We should have a good selection of hotly contested competitions next season!

So, back by popular demand for next season are the Swim Championship, Bike Championship, Run Championship, and Summer Run Series.  Competitions will run from the following dates:

  • Club Championship (All Age Groups) – 1st March 2017 to 31st October 2017, for any Aquathlon, Duathlon or Triathlon events entered.  The Club Championship competition has been extended  in 2017 to include the opportunity to score points at any early season duathlon or aquathlon events pre the main triathlon season.
  • Swim Championship – 1st March 2017 to 31st October 2017, for any swim only events entered.
  • Bike Championship – 1st March 2017 to 31st October 2017, for any bike only events entered.
  • Run Championship – 1st March 2017 to 31st October 2017, for any run only events entered.  This includes Parkrun.
  • Summer Run Series – 1st April 2017 to 30th September 2017.

There’ll be another announcement ahead of the competitions starting on how to submit your results next season.  The positive of our club competitions are that you can enter any event you like, and score points, rather than them being set club events only.  The downside to that is that where I am unaware of someone entering an event, some events can get missed, which happened in 2016.  I will try and keep up to speed on the main events people enter in 2017, but to try and make everything easier I will also create an online results submission form, to try and make sure I don’t miss anything where I’m not aware.

If anyone is unsure about how any the competitions work or how points are scored, let me know!


Club Competitions 2017 – Quick Poll

Based on discussions at our recent Christmas Party, the feeling was that some of the competitions planned to be dropped after the 2016 season would be welcomed in 2017.  So, based on the feedback, I thought it might be useful to run a quick poll to gauge interest!  Please let me know which of the below competitions you’d like to be run on top of the Club Championship in 2017.  Voting is down at the bottom of this post.

Just a quick reminder on formats:

Swim Championship, Bike Championship and Run Championships

These are 3 separate championship competitions run for each of the individual disciplines.  So if you enter a swim event (e.g. Great North Swim), a bike event (e.g. any Sportive), or a run event (e.g. York 10k), your results will go towards that individual championship.  Points are scored in exactly the same way as the Club Championship.

The only suggested difference for this competition is that it will start earlier in the year to account for events pre-triathlon season.  So the proposal is that these competitions will run from 1st March 2017 to 31st October 2017, to include some of the early sportive and run events.

Summer Run Series

The Summer Run Series was started in 2016 as an event designed for everyone to compete in regardless of ability.  Each competitor submits their current 5km personal best time at the beginning of the season, and points are scored based on performance against that personal best.  You are therefore running against yourself.  Competitors can submit any 5km time (it doesn’t have to be in an event), and score points based on whether they got close to their PB, beat their PB, or smashed their PB.

Voting is open until the end of 24th December 2016.  Please vote using the form below:

For 2017, which of the below competitions would club members like to see run again?

2017 Club Competitions Update

After a successful first season trialling some of the Vikings club competitions, we will be looking to continue a number of the competitions next season, with a few changes, and some additions.

First, the changes.  In 2016 we trialled the Summer Run Series, the Swim Championship, Bike Championship, and Run Championship, but none really took off.  So in 2017, these events will be dropped in favour of concentrating on the Club Championship.  Of these events, there is the option to re-instate the Swim, Bike and Run Championships, should there be increased interest in competing in these individual disciplines.

All Club Championship events will run again in 2017, with the addition of a Youth and Junior Club Championship (Ages 15-18), and a Senior Club Championship (Ages 19-29).  Tristar, V30, V40 and V50 age categories will all run again as normal.

As in 2016, Vikings members will be able to enter any aquathlon, duathlon or triathlon race, and it will count towards points totals.  Points will be scored exactly the same as in 2016, but in 2017, members will have the opportunity to score extra points in certain races through the course of the year.  Anyone entering one of our assigned YVTT Club Events (below), a National Championship or GB Qualifying race, or a GB event, will have the opportunity to score extra points.  Extra points can be scored as follows:

Club Event:  Score + 10%

Club events for Seniors in 2017 are:

  • Driffield Triathlon (7th May 2017)
  • Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon (4th June 2017)
  • York Sprint Triathlon (2nd July 2017)
  • Allerthorpe Classic Triathlon (6th August 2017)
  • Drax Sprint Triathlon (October 2017 – Date TBC)

Club events for Tristars and Youth in 2017 are:

  • Driffield Junior Triathlon (7th May 2017)
  • Ripon Junior Triathlon (2nd July 2017)

National Championship or GB Qualifying Event:  Score + 15%

GB Event:  Score + 20%

Some opportunities to score some big points next season!  I’m sure everyone is in the process of planning their 2017 diaries, so if you’ve got an eye on a Club Championship prize, it’s worth looking at some of these events!

Following a few issues with logins last season, all Club Championship information and standings will be taken out of the members only section of the website for 2017, to make it easier for everybody to keep up to date on current standings.

Congratulations to the first YVTT Club Champions!

It’s safe to say that the 2016 season for the members of the Yorkshire Vikings Triathlon Team has been one to remember.  There have been 22 YVTT members posting scores within the club championship over the course of the season, entering a total of 24 different events.  The name of this club is fast becoming one to be recognised within the region!

What an exciting finish to the senior club championship it was too, everything came down to the final event at Drax Triathlon on Sunday 2nd October 2016.

Rob Jamison had a number of leaderboard positions in his own hands going into this event, knowing he had to place high to become the first YVTT Club Champion.  True to form he did exactly that.  A 7th place overall, a win in his age group, and a sprint triathlon time of 00:58:19 saw him take the 2016 Club Championship crown by just 1.03 points.  A fitting end to an incredibly impressive season from Rob.  GB qualification, GB competition, many top 10 finishes, an age group category win, and 2016 Club Champion.  A season to be proud of Rob well done!

The completion of Drax Triathlon also saw the completion of the Age Group category events.

In the V30 Age Group, Rob’s win meant it was unfortunately bad news for Dave Burrows, who dropped into 2nd place in the category.  With Rob winning the overall championship, Steven Dews dropped back into the V30 Age Group category and took the V30 Age Group crown.  A well deserved victory after taking Rob right down to the wire.  Well done Steven!

In contrast, Rob’s win meant for good news in the V40 Age Group category for Phil Caddick.  Rob was no longer eligible for the V40 championship having won the overall championship, meaning Phil has been crowned V40 Age Group champion.  To cement this even further, Phil’s PB performance in the Drax Triathlon increased his score by nearly 7 points.  A great season Phil well done!

The final senior category up for grabs was the V50 Age Group.  With no-one in this category competing at Drax, Andy Shrimpton had already sewn this up the week before at Nidderdale Triathlon.  Congratulations Andy!

The outcome of the Junior Club Championship also had to wait until the final events of the season, with Dominic and Joshua Weston looking to chase down Olivia Bulmer for 1st place at Skipton Junior Triathlon.  Whilst in the end they weren’t able to catch Olivia at the top of the standings, their fantastic results put them both in 2nd and 3rd place in the championship respectively.  Congratulations Olivia on becoming our first YVTT Junior Club Champion!

And so there you have it, our first honours board at Yorkshire Vikings Triathlon Team.

2016 Club Champion:  Rob Jamison

2016 V30 Age Group Champion:  Steven Dews

2016 V40 Age Group Champion:  Phil Caddick

2016 V50 Age Group Champion:  Andy Shrimpton

2016 Junior Club Champion:  Olivia Bulmer

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who has taken part over the course of this season.  Everyone within the club has worked incredibly hard over the course of this season, and the results speak for themselves.  Even down to the very last event everyone has been smashing PB’s and continuing to improve.

Winter training next, and onto what will be an even more competitive 2017 Club Championship season!

The Final Leaderboards:

Overall Championship

Position Entrant Age Group Event Count Total Points
1 Rob Jamison V40 8 302.58
2 Steven Dews V30 3 301.55
3 Dave Burrows V30 6 265.05
4 Sarah Weston V30 5 235.21
5 Felicity Caddick V30 4 234.84
6 Phil Caddick V40 4 230.41
7 Lorna Watson V40 4 191.41
8 Susie Foster V40 3 191.30
9 Mike Evans V30 2 174.96
10 Andy Shrimpton V50 2 168.94
11 Mick Osborne V50 2 159.60
12 James Goodman V30 2 159.33
13 Naiomi Saunders V30 2 153.02
14 Kurt Haendlmayer V50 1 90.71
15 Paul May V30 1 90.41
16 Tim Wright V40 1 77.41
17 Kirstine Gerhold V40 1 72.76
18 Heather Blakey V40 1 72.17
19 Nikki May V40 1 68.78
20 Kath Cooke V40 1 62.69
21 Anne Lewis V50 1 62.21
22 Helen Dews V40 1 57.91

V30 Age Group Championship

Position Entrant Age Group Event Count Total Points
1 Steven Dews V30 3 301.55
2 Dave Burrows V30 5 265.05
3 Sarah Weston V30 5 235.21
4 Felicity Caddick V30 4 234.84
5 Mike Evans V30 2 174.96
6 James Goodman V30 2 159.33
7 Naiomi Saunders V30 2 153.02
8 Paul May V30 1 90.41

V40 Age Group Championship

Position Entrant Age Group Event Count Total Points
1 Phil Caddick V40 4 230.41
2 Lorna Watson V40 4 191.41
3 Susie Foster V40 3 191.30
4 Tim Wright V40 1 77.41
5 Kirstine Gerhold V40 1 72.76
6 Heather Blakey V40 1 72.17
7 Nikki May V40 1 68.78
8 Kath Cooke V40 1 62.69
9 Helen Dews V40 1 57.91

V50 Age Group Championship

Position Entrant Age Group Event Count Total Points
1 Andy Shrimpton V50 2 168.94
2 Mick Osborne V50 2 164.17
3 Kurt Haendlmayer V50 1 90.71
4 Anne Lewis V50 1 62.21

Junior Club Championship

Position Entrant Age Group Event Count Total Points
1 Olivia Bulmer Junior 4 258.63
2 Dominic Weston Junior 3 218.56
3 Joshua Weston Junior 3 210.76
4 Max Hargreaves Junior 2 181.80
5 Ciara May Junior 2 170.07
6 Harry Blakey Junior 2 139.32
7 Nyah May Junior 2 137.75
8 Flynn Goddard Junior 2 131.56
9 Jackson Goodfellow Junior 1 89.95
10 Jody Pycroft Junior 1 74.37
11 Mia Haendlmayer Junior 1 74.27
12 Frances Diver Junior 1 73.16
13 Gracie Wright Junior 1 50.05

Club Championship: Nearly complete!

After a busy few weeks events, the season is coming towards an end and we have a winner potentially already crowned in their category!

Following a very solid performance at Nidderdale Triathlon, Andy Shrimpton has put himself in pole position in the V50 category.

With only Drax Sprint Triathlon now booked in for the Vikings members on 2nd October 2016, 2nd place Mick Osborne would need to improve on his position within this event to topple Andy from the lead, but is not due to compete.  Congratulations Andy!

For all other categories, and the overall championship, all eyes are on Rob Jamison’s performance at Drax to conclude the standings.

Rob currently sits in second place overall on 300.02, behind Steven Dews on 301.55.  Rob needs to improve on his lowest event score of 98.07 by at least 1.53 points to beat Steven to the overall championship.

The overall championship leader cannot also win their age category.  Therefore, should Rob re-take the overall lead, that would mean Steven Dews would drop back into the V30 category, and take 1st place away from Dave Burrows.

Rob re-taking the overall lead would also mean him moving out of the V40 category, handing the V40 championship to Phil Caddick!

Right down to the wire with only one event to go, and very exciting conclusion to our first ever Club Championship Series!!


A Vikings Engagement!! Oh, and Bassenthwaite Triathlon.

The 13th August 2016 saw the challenging Bassenthwaite Triathlon held again at the Bassenthwaite Sailing Club, on Bassenthwaite Lake. The event hosts a standard distance race each year, and for the 2nd year was also hosting a sprint distance race.

Following the swim, the bike routes for both the Short and Standard distances and run routes are based on the undulating roads around Bassenthwaite Lake.

Mike Evans represented the Yorkshire Vikings in the standard distance race, looking to add to his previously solid Olympic distance performances.

Commenting on the route, Mike discussed the difficulty of the Lake District based event: “they just love hills up there!”. Mike also made reference to his attempts to impress head coach Naiomi Saunders in completing a flying dismount, which turned out to be more successful than his flying mount, which Mike managed to come away with a cut ankle from, having hit the pedal!

As in previous events, Mike came away with another solid time, finishing the race in 02:58:17, with splits of 31:47 swim, 01:24 T1, 01:27:34 Bike, 00:54 T2, and 56:38 Run.

Mike Amy BassenthwaiteIn reality though, the event was probably the least exciting element of the day. The 56:38 Run time could be forgiven for being a little delayed, as Mike took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend Amy Clayden as he came down the finishing straight!

A fantastic result in the race, and much more importantly, amazing news for Mike and Amy. Massive congratulations to you both from everyone at Yorkshire Vikings!

Race Report: Allerthorpe Classic Triathlon

Now in its ninth year, and returning to Allerthorpe Lakeland Park once again, the ever-popular Allerthorpe Classic olympic distance triathlon took place on 7th August 2016.

The event is comprised of a multi lap 1500m swim, single lap 40km bike and flat 10km run.

On a very windy but sunny day, Vikings Steven Dews and Dave Burrows took part in the race, looking to build on the record numbers seen in the 2015 race.

Allerthorpe Steven Dews 2Steven Dews was first up, setting off in the first wave of competitors. Steven was entering the event knowing that a solid performance in the event would challenge Rob Jamison at the top of the Club Championship standings. Steven did exactly that, finishing 26th overall in a time of 02:16:06, with splits of 22:41 bike, 01:36 T1, 01:05:08 bike, 01:02 T2, and 45:40 Run.

Allerthorpe DaveDave Burrows was in the second wave of competitors, competing in his first Olympic distance triathlon, having only ever competed in sprint distance events. Dave finished his event in 02:45:58, with splits of 28:39 swim, 01:28 T1, 01:15:07 bike, 01:14 T2 and 59:30 run.

Allerthorpe Classic is an event all Yorkshire Triathletes have in the forefront of their minds to add to their race calendars, and there will no doubt be further solid Vikings performances in years to come.

Race Report: Ellerton Sprint Triathlon

Ellerton FelicityRun by Gr8Events, the Ellerton Sprint Triathlon is one in a series of swim, bike, run and triathlon events. The format for the race is a 750m swim, followed by a 21k cycle on roads surrounding the lake, finishing with a 6k run.

The swim section was a one lap mass start, followed by an undulating 1 lap bike course, and completed with a testing out and back run route, over uneven surfaces and mixing on and off road.

Felicity and Phil Caddick took to the start line representing the Yorkshire Vikings amongst 94 other competitors.

The mass start proved a real test, with Felicity quoted as saying that it was “not for the faint-hearted, I had a small panic attack about all the kicking and grabbing!”. This didn’t impact Felicity’s performance though, as she recovered from the testing start to complete the event in 01:36:12, with splits of 18:57 swim, 02:01 T1, 48:04 Bike, 00:41 T2 and 26:30 run.

Phil also put in a great performance in the event, finishing not too far behind Felicity in 01:41:59, with splits of 21:01 swim, 02:19 T1, 42:54 bike, 02:14 T2 and 33:30 run.

Both Felicity and Phil enjoyed the event and would recommend it as one to event again. Another event for other Vikings to keep in mind for next year!

Club Championship: All change at the top!

We have a new leader!

After a busy weekend of events at the Ellerton Sprint Triathlon and the Allerthorpe Classic Olympic triathlon, there have been some big changes at the top of the club championship leaderboards.

Felicity and Phil Caddick took part in the Ellerton Sprint Triathlon, and their results moved them both up to 4th and 5th respectively in the standings, with Phil also moving up to 2nd place in the V40 Age Group standings.

The big move of the weekend came from Steven Dews, who took the lead in the overall club championship away from Rob Jamison, with a 26th place finish at the Allerthorpe Classic.  The top 2 are separated by just 1.53 points, with scores of 301.55 for Steven and 300.02 for Rob.

Rob now leads the V40 age group category, ahead of Phil Caddick.

Dave Burrows also took place in the Allerthorpe Classic on Sunday, but couldn’t improve on his current score of 265.05, and maintained his place at the top of the V30 age group category.

With plenty of events still to take place before the end of the season, there will no doubt be a few more changes of position to come!

Race reports for both events will follow later this week.

YVTT’s First Go Tri Event! Junior and Senior Aquathlon

GoTriGo Tri: “Making Triathlon and Multi-Sports Fun and Accessible for all”. That is the tagline of the initiative run by British Triathlon to enable access to the sport for anyone of any ability, and very much fits with the ethos of the Yorkshire Vikings Triathlon Team and Swim Squad.

Go Tri 1On 31st July 2016, YVTT hosted our very first Go Tri event, an Aquathlon, aimed at giving an opportunity to try multi-sport to both juniors and seniors. The event, the first of 3 to be hosted by YVTT in 2016, was comprised of a 40m swim and 600m run for juniors (ages 7-14 years), and 100m swim and 2km run for seniors. Both swim and run were hosted at Barlby School, with swim taking place in the school 20m pool, and the run taking place on the school playing field.

Go Tri 2Volunteers from the club ably assisted Head Coach Naiomi Saunders in running the event. Carol Saunders, Felicity Caddick, Phil Caddick, Go Tri 5Rob Jamison, Susie Foster, Sarah Weston, Emma Foley, juniors Erika Lavendar, Madison Foley, Dominic and Joshua Weston, and Kirstine Gerhold, who also competed in the event, all took on various roles to ensure the smooth running of the Aquathlon.

The results were fantastic. A total of 9 entrants for the first event, split as 5 juniors and 4 seniors, saw too very fun races, and some great finishing times.

The junior event results were as follows:

Position First Name Surname Swim Transition Run Overall Time
1 DECLAN WILES 00:00:39 00:00:39 00:02:44 00:04:02
2 FINLAY WILES 00:01:02 00:01:22 00:02:51 00:05:15
3 LUCY JAMISON 00:01:03 00:01:38 00:02:40 00:05:21
4 FREDDIE AMY 00:00:52 00:01:50 00:02:40 00:05:22
5 MADDISON FOLEY 00:01:01 00:01:54 00:03:15 00:06:10

The senior event results were as follows:

Position First Name Surname Swim Transition Run Overall Time
1 TONI CHIDLOW 00:01:27 00:01:27 00:09:44 00:12:18
2 KIRSTINE GERHOLD 00:01:29 00:01:22 00:09:41 00:12:32
3 LYNDSEY FALLOWS 00:02:31 00:01:49 00:12:33 00:16:53
4 ANDREW FALLOWS 00:03:06 00:02:45 00:12:27 00:18:18

Go Tri 7Following the success of this first event, YVTT are hosting 2 more events in 2016. On Sunday 25th September 2016 at 10am there will be another Aquathlon, comprised of a 60m swim and 1km run for juniors, and a 200m swim and 3km for seniors. Entries for this event are set at £3 for juniors and £6 for seniors.

Following that, YVTT hosts its very first triathlon event on Sunday 31st October at 10am, comprised of a 40m swim, 800m bike and 1.5km run for juniors, and a 200m swim, 6km bike and 3km for seniors. Entries for this event are set at £5 for juniors and £8 for seniors.

Go Tri 6Entries for both events are capped at 30 entrants, and are bookable on a first come first served basis. If you would like more information on how to enter either of these events, please contact the club via the website, at

YVTT’s first Aquathlon event was a resounding success, and has hopefully encouraged a few more people to join the wonderful world of Triathlon!